Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SEPTEMBER 2012 SHOWS - updated 9/22


Thurs Aug 30 - Michael Hurtt's Haunted Hearts at CLUB CANTON, 39651 Michigan Avenue, 10 PM.

Thurs Aug 30 - Defiance Ohio at Trumbullplex 4210 Trumbull Detroit

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Saturday, September 1, 2012
1PM Eric Allen (Soul DJ)
2PM Eric Allen (Soul DJ)

3:30PM Johnny Salvage (rock)
4:30PM del Brutto (rock)

5:30PM Bad Indians (rock)
6:30PM the Sugarcoats (rock)
7:30PM George Morris (indie rock)
8:30PM Phantasmagoria (indie electronic)

Sunday, September 2, 2012
1PM nospectacle (electronic DJs)
2PM nospectacle (electronic DJs)
3:30PM Nyte Mirror (rock)
4:30M Revoir (indie electronic)
5:30PM French Method (indie rock)
6:30PM Deadbeat Beat (Indie rock)
7:30PM Mick Bassett (pop rock)
8:30PM The Sights (pop rock)

Monday, September 3, 2012
1PM Parade
2PM Parade
3PM Kielbasa Kings
4PM Kielbasa Kings (polka)
5:30PM Terrible Twos (punk)
6:30PM Break Anchor (punk pop)
7:30PM Destroy This Place (indie rock)
8:30PM Pewter Cub (indie rock)


Saturday, September 1, 2012
2PM the Codgers
3PM the Codgers (irish music)
4PM Hit Society (rock)
5PM The Kickstand Band (rock)
6PM Feelings (rock)
7PM Infinity People (psychedelic rock)
8PM Melvin Davis and United Sounds (r&b/soul)

Sunday, September 2, 2012
2PM The Color Wheel (rock)
3PM John Bardy (folk blues)
4PM Danny and the Darleans (r&b/blues)
5PM Mike Hurtt & the Haunted Hearts (rock-a-billy)
6PM Detroit Pleasure Society (Dixieland jazz)
7PM Polish Muslims
8PM Polish Muslims
9PM Polish Muslims (polka rock)

Monday, September 3, 2012
3PM Misty Blues Orchestra (jazz/polka)
4PM Misty Blues Orchestra (jazz/polka)
5PM The Music and Visuals of Ziam (fashion and dance)
6PM Outrageous Cherry (pop rock)
7PM Deastro (electronic pop)
8PM Invincible (hip hop)
9PM Dennis Coffey (funk)
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Fri Aug 31 - EQMC presents Deep Heat (garage punk from Melbourne) at 436 S Division ST Ann Arbor - 7 pm early show for real! ALL AGES

Fri Aug 31 - A2 Free Skool Open Call Party w/ CHARLIE SLICK + BRIAN TUCKER + WILD DREAM + TRABAJABAMOS @ The Basin 124 Felch St Ann Arbor  ALL AGES

Fri Aug 31 - "The Animal" DJ night  w Dj Danny Glover's Kid & DJ Interstellar Overdrive + performance by Raid on Harper's Ferry (new band from Sam Haddix & Rafe)  8-12 at Cafe Ollie 42 E Cross YPSI 

Fri Aug 31 - Panic in Hamtramck #9 w/ KOMMIE KILPATRICK + MAC BLACKOUT
BAND(Chi.) + WHORES OF BABYLON(Battlecreek) + K-9 SNIFFIES at Painted
Lady Hamtramck

*SAT.SEP.1st-  Panic in Hamtramck #9 w/ TYVEK+G.G. KING (At.Ga.) +
PINK REASON (OH./Nyc)+ LZR at Painted Lady Hamtramck

Sat Sept 1 -  Michael Hurtt's Haunted Hearts at Lo & Behold 10022 Jos Campau Hamtramck MI  ALL AGES

Sat Sept 1 - Magic City Soul Club w/ DJs Brad Hales and Breck at Detroit Contemporary (CAID) 5141 Rosa Parks Detroit

*SUN.SEP.2nd -  Panic in Hamtramck #9  w/ OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY +
MEDICATION (Ct.) + ERIC VILLA and the VISTA MARIAS at Painted Lady

Sun Sept 2 - Arc In Round//Invisible Things//Samn Johnson//Known Moons + DJ Amber EQ  at 414 E. Kingsley Street Ann Arbor, MI ALL AGES

Sun Sept 2 - Rooftop Vigilantes (members of mouthbreahers/kansas rockand roll), Manateees (Goner), Fake Surfers, Chit Chat at Lager House  Detroit

Mon Sept 3 - Cloud Rat, False (Minneapolis), Bellow (Minneapolis) at Trumbullplex 4210 Trumbull Detroit all ages 7 pm

Tues Sept 4 - Toxie (Memphis, members of Coasting & Magic Kids) + Swimsuit at Lo & Behold 10022 Joseph Campau Hamtramck ALL AGES

Tues Sept 4 - Blessure Grave + Something Cold DJs at Garden Bowl Detroit free

Wed Sept 5 - Jaill / Fergus & Geronimo / Johnny Ill Band / The Mahonies  at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Thurs Sept 6 - Blues Control + Shells at Work Gallery 525 S State St Ann Arbor. Presented by WCBN + EQMC  8 PM ALL AGES!

Thurs Sept 6 - Drainolith, Moth Cock, Moon Pool & Dead Band, DJ BRAD HALES at MUG 5984 Lincoln St Detroit ALL AGES

Thurs Sep 6th: Inservibles (Raw Hardcore from Mexico) The Cabbageheads, Renegade Assault Tank at Trumbullplex over by 11  ALL AGES

Fri Sept 7 - Vision in a Cornfield art opening - collaboration between Destroy All Monsters, Ogun and Apetechnology. 7-8 pm, that part is free, then it's $6 after 8 pm for the Duane show

Fri Sept 7 - Duane presents the Teenage Weirdo Show with Tunde Olaniran at MOCAD 9 pm ALL AGES


Fri Sept 7 -  Scissor Now! Dirty Socialites, Abertooth Lincoln, Trabajabamos at 3rd Deathstar (new Natural Canvas) 613 N Main St Ann Arbor all ages 7-11 pm

Sat Sept 8 - RITUAL HOWLS at Review Gallery (next to Avalon Bakery) Detroit at 8 pm  ALL AGES

Sat Sept 8 - NOISE CAMP 18 w/ Princess Dragonmom, Wiccans, J Feathers and Friends, Andrew Coltrane, Cotton Museum, Witch Crafts, Iron Stag, XOXO WAR at  DESTROY COMPOUND 5984 Lincoln St DETROIT  8 pm to midnight FREE + ALL AGES

Sat Sept 8 - Dally in the Alley 11 am-11 pm free in Cass Corridor Detroit more info here

Sat Sept 8 - Shadow/Shadow art show w/ music by Known Moons & City Center (Known Center) + DJs Charles Trees & Cataclysmic and more. Art by Sam Haddix, Aaron Bobzien, Ben Saginaw, Martyna Alexander, Kevin McKay, Alex Rhue. at 1250 N Main St Ann Arbor 9 pm-2:30 am, 21+, all black attire.

Sat Sept 8 - Mark Maynard .com 10 yr anniversary party w 25 Suaves, Minus 9, Trabajamos, and more at Woodruff's Ypsi

Sunday, September 9-  Joel Peterson Chamber Music concert at Detroit  Institute of Arts , free. sets at 1 pm and 3 pm  ALL AGES

Sun Sept 9 - CANCELLED Jack of Heart (France) / Danny & The Darleans / Julian Paaige at PJ's Lager House Detroit THIS SHOW IS CANCELLED

Mon Sept 10 - SALVATION (hardcore on youth attack) DEAD CHURCH (death-grinding violence. 666.)  SCUM (war is a blackhole to avoid) SSS (fast and raw)  at the halway house  13367 loretto
detroit  6 bucks  8pm

Mon Sept 10 - Love of Everything (Chicago), Raw Honey, Our Brother the Native, Charles Trees at Lab Cafe 505 E Liberty St Ann Arbor  8 pm ALL AGES

Mon Sept 10 - Fuckin A, Wild Ones, Sex Police  - free show at the 8 Ball Ann Arbor

Mon Sept 10 - Turbo Fruits / Eroders / Growwing Pains at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Wed Sept 12 - Danny & the Darleans and Apache Dropout (IN) at Donovan's Pub 3003 W Vernor Detroit

Thurs Sept 13 - Wiccans tape release show at Encore Records 417 E Liberty ST Ann Arbor 8 pm free all ages

Thurs Sept 13 - FAKE FOOD, 1985 (Seattle), JIM CHEREWICK, PATRICK ELKINS at Pleasuredome 607 N River St Ypsilanti

Fri Sept 14 - Scrummagefest Day 1 w Freddy Todd, Ill.So.Naj, Breezee One, Dread Wings, Brain Rottar, Lord Scrummage And More at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Fri Sept 14 - Antibalas / Will Sessions / Lee Fields and the Expressions at Magic Stick Detroit

Fri Sept 14 - City Center (duo set), Sail, Raid on Harper's Ferry at "a building under construction next ot Raven's Club" in Ann Arbor. ask Charles T for details ?

Sat Sept 15 - Chit Cha, Hypno-Ring and Raw Honey + art by Lilik at Cafe Ollie 42 E Cross St Ypsi 8 pm all ages!

Sat Sept 15 - Scrummagefest Day 2 at Imagination Station (2230 and 2236 14th Street (on Roosevelt Park) Detroit) w/ Isles of ESP, Roach Clip, Slufter and a million other bands. schedule tba ALL AGES

Sat Sept 15 - Scrummagefest afterparty w/ Terrible Twos, Dakota Bones, Aphasiacs, Solid Liquid
Siobhan, DJ Justin Carver, Hlep,  Erno The Inferno at
The Leland Hotel Ballroom
400 Bagley St. Detroit  10 pm-3:30 am

Sat Sept 15 - New Music Detroit and MOCAD present Strange Beautiful Music V at MOCAD 2-midnight ALL AGES

Sat Sept 15 -  Kilt (NYC/LA) Tarpit, MUG House Band, + 9PM at MUG 5984 Lincoln, Detroit ALL AGES

Sun Sept 16 - Nobunny / Bad Sports at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Sun Sept 16 - Lightning Bolt + Beast in a Field + Child Bite at the Magic Stick Detroit  ALL AGES

Mon Sept 17 - HYSTERICS (Olympia hxc) + SWIMSUIT + DRY EYES at NEUTRAL ZONE / B SIDE 310 E WASHINGTON ST (entrance on 5th Ave) ANN ARBOR ALL AGES

Mon Sept 17 - Wild Nothing / DIIV / Oblisk at Magic Stick Detroit

Monday, September 17th Colleen Green (CA), Plateaus (CA), +1 TBA at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Tues Sept 18 - Neil Hamburger / Nick Flanagan / Phreddy Wischusen at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Wed Sept 19 - Tenement (WI), Vacation (OH), Chit Chat at The Trumbullplex (4120 Trumbull) Detroit ALL AGES

Thurs Sept 20 - Cottom Museum + Tarpit tour kickoff at Encore Records 417 E Liberty St Ann Arbor free all ages 8 pm

Fri Sept 21 - cosmo(s)politan - an evening of film & video - an open screening of experimental film and video, presented inside The Jam Handy 2900 E. Grand Blvd Detroit, MI 48202.   Participating filmmakers include Barbara Hammer , Miigunn Rotary , Scott Northrup, Katie Barkel, Oren Goldenberg, Bailey Scieskza, Lori Felker, Robert Todd, Potter Belmar Labs, Bill Farley, Gary Schwartz, David Allen, George Manupelli, Ted Kennedy, Marie Losier, Spencer Ashby, and Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen.  

Fri Sept 21 - Neutral Zone fundraiser w/ Chris Bathgate +Lightning Love + Nightlife at the Blind Pig Ann Arbor

Fri Sept 21 - Bob Log III / Cheap Time / Apache Dropout at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Fri Sept 21 - ALREADY DEAD FEST at Louie's in Kalamazoo with Saturday Looks Good to Me & many more

Fri Sept 21 - Anonymous Touch, Witch Putty at Cafe Ollie 42 E Cross St Ypsi

Sat Sept 22 - Blowfly meet and greet, 2-4 pm at People's Records Detroit

Sat Sept 22 - Blowfly at Northern Lights Lounge Detroit

Sat Sept 22 - IN FACT - MC KADENCE - SAGITTRONICS at Playboy Mansion 605 N Congress Ypsi ALL AGES

Sat Sept 22 - Isles of ESP + Secret Twins at Jumbo's 3736 3rd St Detroit

Sun Sept 23 - YPSI FLEA returns to Woodruff's YPSI 12 - 8 pm all ages
free fun good times. musical performances by the REBEL KIND, LIGHT BATH, LIDLESS EYE, JIM CHEREWICK (with full backing band)  and DJ sets all day from Richie Wohlfeil!!

Tues Sept 25 - The Dirty Three with Magik Markers at Trinosophes 1464 Gratiot Detroit  (new Bohemian-in-exile location / new venue run by Joel Peterson, former curator of the Bohemian National Home) ALL AGES

Tues Sept 25 - Illymack, Naytronix (CA), TOPS(montreal), Manic Moves at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Tues Sept 25 - Curse, Mounds, Michael Mars & The God Particle at Cafe Ollie  42 E Cross Ypsi

Wed Sept 26 - COUSINS (halifax) + Chit Chat at 426 S Divison St in Ann Arbor

Wed Sept 26 - Sros Lords, Teenanger (Toronto), Soupcans (Toronto), STDJ (Scott D. of X! Records plays records), Timmy's Tacos at Painted Lady in Hamtramck

Thurs Sept 27 - Thee Oh Sees / Ty Segall / Timmy's Organism / Gardens  at PJ's Lager House - outside in the parking lot!!

Fri Sept 28 - Detroit Cobras / Tyvek / Melvin Davis and United Sound / Natural Child at PJ's Lager House - outside in the parking lot!!

Fri Sept 28 - POC Zine Project tour Multi-media zine readings by Mimi Nguyen (Race Riot zine), Anna Vo (Fix My Head zine), Cristy Road (Greenzine) & Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress).
w/ Cray Crays at Trumbullplex 4210 Trumbull Detroit

Fri September 29th: Jason Soliday (chicago modular synth) Cotton Museum, more, at MUG 5984 Lincoln, Detroit ALL AGES

Sat Sept 29 - POC Zine Project tour - Multi-media zine readings by Mimi Nguyen (Race Riot zine), Anna Vo (Fix My Head zine), Cristy Road (Greenzine) & Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress).
plus music
by Swimsuit and Trabajabamos at 3rd Deathstar 613 N Main St in Ann Arbor early all ages show doors 7 pm! over by 11 pm

Sat Sept 29 - Moon Duo / Frustrations / Protomartyr (record release) / Bad Indians at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Sat Sep 29 - Josh Barton - 1985 (Seattle) - Jim Cherewick at Playboy Mansion 605 N Congress, Ypsi ALL AGES

Sun Sept 30 - Legs McNeil (PUNK magazine founder, author/compiler of Please Kill Me etc) reading from his new book + Please Kill Me at Bookbeat in Oak Park, 3-4 pm

Sun Sept 30 - Legs McNeil (PUNK magazine founder, author/compiler of Please Kill Me etc) reading from his new book + Please Kill Me at PJ's Lager House Detroit 8 pm

Sun Sept 30 - CANCELLED Slug Guts / Protomartyr at PJ's Lager House Detroit SHOW IS CANCELLED

Sun Sept 30 Hurricanes of Love (USA), Arkm Foam (Boston, MA), Son of Salami (Burlington, VT), Patrick Elkins (shadow puppet tour kick-off) @ Float Fest on the Huron River

Mon Oct 1 - Outside World (chicago) + Radiant Marks + Hlep at the 8 Ball Saloon Ann Arbor

Tues Oct 2 -  Molly Nilsson (Berlin/Sweden) Aphasiacs, Siobhan, Disintegrating Minds, DJs Something Cold, at MUG 5984 Lincoln, Detroit ALL AGES

Wed Oct 3 - Woods, Lucky Dragons, & City Center presented by WCBN + EQMC at Work Gallery 306 S State St Ann Arbor doors at 8 pm!

Thurs Oct 4 - Chain & the Gang at Loving Touch in Ferndale

Fri Oct 5 & 6 - The Mothership and Mental Machine - an interactive tribute to the radio DJ Electrifying Mojo by Zay Lay (Viki + Lianna Cecil) The grassy lot next to Peoples Records will be transformed into a “Mothership” that is controlled via an interactive console named “The Mental Machine.”  Participants are welcome to use the console to dj/vj the site’s video projection, light, and sound by turning knobs, flipping switches, and creating sounds. Friday, October 5: 7 PM – 12 AM
Saturday, October 6: 7 PM – 2 AM  On Saturday at 9:00pm, Be Nice Yoga will be holding a Mojo themed yoga/dance session - located in the same building as Peoples Records.

Sun Oct 7 - Homebody (Boston), Charlie Slick/Sagittronics, Wild Dream at 3rd Deathstar 613 N Main St Ann Arbor

MICHIGAN HAPPENINGS = community resource for cool shows & other events in southeast Michigan (mostly Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit, and surrounding areas). We love all ages shows the most but we list non all ages shows too. If you have something to add please email Shelley at sabsalant at gmail. Or leave a comment here.

We also make a hard copy flyer calendar every month, and we're always looking for help printing & distributing those. Please get in touch if you want to help!

Also we are always looking for more places to do shows, especially in Ann Arbor where there seems to be a dry spell. If you want to start hosting some shows get in touch!


 Trinosophes the new Bohemian-National-Home-in-Exile space is finally opening! The Bohemian was an amazing place and Joel Peterson has continued to curate great events in the past few years since then. It's really exciting that he finally has a new space, so check it out! Check out the Dirty Three/Magik Markers gig there on Sept 25. They are located at 1464 Gratiot Detroit. Tickets for that gig are available at People's Records and Stormy Records.

In Ann Arbor, the old Natural Canvas is reopened as the 3rd Deathstar and in our opinion it is now the best set up as a venue than ever before! It is of course located at 613 N Main St. All ages show space, shows need to end by 11. Highly recommended!

UFO Factory has a new building on the corner of Trumbull and Michigan Ave in Detroit and they painted the outside silver last month!

Recently came across this website that has its own show schedule here.


You only have until October 6 to register for the election on November 6! If you're in downtown Ann Arbor you can register to vote at Encore Records, 417 E Liberty St. I (Shelley) am also registering voters so if you see me anywhere ask me and I will get you registered.