Sunday, July 29, 2012

AUGUST 2012 - updated 8/30


 Mon July 30 - Scared to Death, Shades, K9 Sniffies, + Anonymous Touch at the 8 Ball Saloon Ann Arbor

 Wed Aug 1 - Avery Feral (Amber from Swimsuit/Damned Dogs) on WCBN
Local Music Show 88.3 FM or 9-11 pm

Thurs Aug 2 - Fred Thomas, Aran Ruth, Emperor X, Stephen Steinbrink
(AZ) at 804 Lawrence St Ann Arbor 9 pm

Thurs Aug 2 - 10:00 - 10:45 - Celsius Electronics 11:00 - 11:45 -
Tunde Olaniran 12:00 - 12:45 - Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks 1:00 -
2:00 - Charlie Slick at Blind Pig Ann Arbor

Thurs Aug 2 - verkslaven (metal punx), abduktion (raw punx), scum (local dudes, tour kick off, noisy) at Jumbo's 3726 3rd St Jumbo's Detroit

Fri Aug 3 - Secret Twins, The Hounds Below, FAWN and Team Ethic at
Woodruff's Ypsi
Fri Aug 3 - The Wire Eyes/Aphasiacs/Trophies/
Phantom Cats + MORE at 715 East Milwaukee St, Detroit, MI.

Fri Aug 3 - Shitbox Jimmy (OH), ERODERS, Brothels, Vonneguts at
Painted Lady Hamtramck

Sat Aug 4 - Dune jam at on top of a dune

Sat Aug 4 - We Made show, works by: tory weeber, katelyn schacht, jim cherewick and rosa scobey moore, 8 pm at Cafe Ollie 42 E Cross St Ypsi, free. w/ DJs Raphael and Dustin

Sat Aug 4 - Sros Lords, Big Black Cloud, Girls of Porn, Growwing Pains
at Lager House Detroit

Sat Aug 4 - WCBN and Alibi Crew Presents A Night Of Hip Hop at Crossroads Ypsi
w/ Homegrown- Raps about food and other positive messages
Meftah Beats- A beat producer that works with synths, sample pads, and scratch tables
Celsius Electronics- Local hip hop duo likely to melt your ears.
Duke Newcomb- Emcee of Alibi Crew
DJ Neblo- Scratch DJ
Zac Nichol- WCBNs own crush collision DJ and friend
Mat Lindsay- Old-school hip hop DJ 
Sat Aug  4 - Chit Chat, Arsonparty, The Q, Tan House, Protomartyr, Hot Boss, K9 Sniffies, Moonroots at Eugene V Debs House, 909 E University Ann Arbor

Sat Aug 4 - Wild at Heart and more at Yellow Barn Ann Arbor

Sun Aug 5 - The Local Bazaar at Blind Pig Ann Arbor : 12 to 5 pm

Sun Aug 5 - Hot Boss / Whatever Brains / Neo Cons / Amoebas at PJ's
Lager House Detroit

Mon Aug 6 - MV & EE, Windy & Carl, Damned Dogs, Shells at PJ's Lager
House Detroit

Mon Aug 6 - SULTAN BATHERY (Slovenly Rec.)/Mexican Knives/Growwing
Pains at Painted Lady Hamtramck

Tues Aug 7 - Oak Openings, Con Tex (Whitehaus Family from Boston),
Dinersss, and Avery Feral. All Ages, Donation  - at Pleasuredog/Pdome
607 N River Ypsi

Thurs Aug 9 - We Can't Be Friends w/ Wildly Different (ex- Tamion 12 Inch & Viki, first show in 8 years and first show not at Detroit Art Space) + DJs BMH and the Col at Donovan's Pub 3003 Vernor Hwy Detroit

 EN ROUTE @ M.U.G. 5984 Lincoln St Detroit


Sat Aug 11 & Sun Aug 12 - BIG LIFE FARM FEST III, big campout fun
festival at Tom Hohmann's farm. 13580 Bartlett Rd, Clinton, Michigan
49236 more info soon
Saturday music schedule at Big Life Farm Fest:3:00 Dean Anthony Cercone Jr
4:00 Minor Seconds  5:00 Shades  6:00 Dinner/DJ  7:00 Melissa Sklar  8:00 Anonymous Touch 9:00 Moon 10:00 Gang Wish  11:00 Green Lights  12:00 Witch Putty  1:00 Mother Whale

Sat Aug 11-Moon Pool and Dead Band rec. release with W.F.A.R. Elektro and Asphasiacs $5-8 SD at M.U.G. 5984 Lincoln Detroit

Sun Aug 12 - WCBN presents Deep Time (formerly Yellow Fever, from Austin TX) at Encore Records in Ann Arbor - free early show at 5 pm

Sun Aug 12 -  BIG LIFE FARM FEST III, DAY #2  big campout fun
festival at Tom Hohmann's farm. 13580 Bartlett Rd, Clinton, Michigan
Sunday music schedule:
12:00 Rohm   1:00 Wild Dream  2:00 TJ Borden   3:00 Morgan Daniels and Josh Hedges  4:00 Mounds  5:00 Frank Allison  6:00 Dinner/DJ  7:00 Failing Lights 8:00 Deep TIme  9:00 Turn to Crime  10:00 Nate Young  11:00 Tyvek   12:00 Scared to Death

Mon Aug 13- TJ Borden and the MUG House band studio visit 6 PM pre-hang before Wet Hair/Nu Sense at the Later Haus $5-8 SD at M.U.G. 5984 Lincoln Detroit

Mon Aug 13 - Tyvek / Wet Hair / Nu Sensae / Estrogen Highs at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Mon Aug 13 - Mounds/Anonymous Touch/Moon at 8 Ball Saloon Ann Arbor

Wed Aug 15 - Wiccans (TX version)  / Bill Bondsmen / Mahonies / Weed Nap at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Wed Aug 15 - Pine Cones + Ross Huff at Golden Feelings film nite at Bar at 327 Braun Ct Ann Arbor

Fri Aug 17 - Rank/Xerox (SF), Rat Columns (SF), Radiant Marks, Bitchcopter at 3rd Deathstar (formerly Natural Canvas,613 N Main St Ann arbor) early all ages show, doors 7 pm starts at 8 pm

Fri Aug 17 
Nathan K/Fred Thomas/Shadow Arcade (Marquette) at Tap Room Ypsi

Sat Aug 18 Cotton Museum Record Relase Party with Sick Llama and Tarpit. Art Show by Chris Pottinger $5-8 SD at M.U.G. 5984 Lincoln Detroit

Sat Aug 18 - Tesco Fest w/ The Meatmen/ Negative Approach / Antiseen /
Gang Green / Iron Cross / Hellmouth / The Bill Bondsmen / Against the
Grain / Golden Torso at Magic Stick Detroit

Sat Aug 18 - Margy Pepper (Olympia), Soil (Olympia), Chit Chat  at 3rd Deathstar (formerly Natural Canvas,613 N Main St Ann arbor) early all ages show, doors 7 pm starts at 8 pm

Sat Aug 18 - John Boyle (Wisconsin), Oak Openings, Cloakfern at Canterbury House Ann Arbor

Sat Aug 18 - The Sugarcoats, Bad Party, Dark Red, The Brownstown Gals, The T Tops, Nebulizer. Hosted by Dj Dum Dum Boy,
 Dj Fabrizio, Dj Jeff F. & DJ Heath en Route. plus pro wrestlers? at Slams and Jams at Old Miami Detroit

Sun Aug 19 - Deathram, Psychic Twin at 8 Ball Saloon Ann Arbor free 10 pm

Sun Aug 19 - Johnny Ill Band, Crooked Bangs (Austin), Lazy (Kansas City), Feral Future (Kansas City) at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Tues Aug 21 -  Annual shopping cart race! Meet in front of the Fleetwood at 11:30 pm, race is at midnight. Ann Arbor

Tues Aug 21 - Ed Schrader's Music Beat / Tunde Olaniran at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Wed Aug 22 -Dikes of Holland (Austin), Fake Surfers, Eroders  at
Painted Lady Hamtramck

Thurs Aug 23 - Sugarcoats Gardens and The Heard at Blind Pig Ann Arbor

 Thurs Aug 23 -  Moon Hairy (Jamie Easter), Sros Lords, Metal Dungeon at El Club 4114 W Vernor Hwy Detroit

Fri Aug 24 - Johnny Ill Band / OBNOX / K9 Sniffies at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Fri Aug 24 - PLEASURE SEEKERS/CRADLE open for Amy Gore & Her Valentines at Campus Martius Park in Detroit - Pleasure Seekers on at 8 pm!

Fri Aug 24 - The Vagrant Symphony, GNOME VILLAGE, Bowling Green, Tell Them We're Doctors at Crossroads in Ypsilanti

Mon Aug 27 - Dunes (LA) & The Rebel Kind (Autumn, Erin & Shelley), Kevin Greenspon (CA) at 124 Felch st in Ann Arbor, 8 pm

Mon Aug 27 School Jerks, Culo, Oil Tanker, No Tomorrow, SCUM at the CAID Detroit

Wed Aug 29 - Catacombz (Milwaukee) + Mother Whale at Lo & Behold 10022 Jos Campau Hamtramck

Thurs Aug 30 - Michael Hurtt's Haunted Hearts at CLUB CANTON, 39651 Michigan Avenue, 10 PM.

-- ---  -- -- -- --
Saturday, September 1, 2012
1PM Eric Allen (Soul DJ)
2PM Eric Allen (Soul DJ)
3:30PM Johnny Salvage (rock)
4:30PM del Brutto (rock)
5:30PM Bad Indians (rock)
6:30PM the Sugarcoats (rock)
7:30PM George Morris (indie rock)
8:30PM Phantasmagoria (indie electronic)

Sunday, September 2, 2012
1PM nospectacle (electronic DJs)
2PM nospectacle (electronic DJs)
3:30PM Nyte Mirror (rock)
4:30M Revoir (indie electronic)
5:30PM French Method (indie rock)
6:30PM Deadbeat Beat (Indie rock)
7:30PM Mick Bassett (pop rock)
8:30PM The Sights (pop rock)

Monday, September 3, 2012
1PM Parade
2PM Parade
3PM Kielbasa Kings
4PM Kielbasa Kings (polka)
5:30PM Terrible Twos (punk)
6:30PM Break Anchor (punk pop)
7:30PM Destroy This Place (indie rock)
8:30PM Pewter Cub (indie rock)


Saturday, September 1, 2012
2PM the Codgers
3PM the Codgers (irish music)
4PM Hit Society (rock)
5PM The Kickstand Band (rock)
6PM Feelings (rock)
7PM Infinity People (psychedelic rock)
8PM Melvin Davis and United Sounds (r&b/soul)

Sunday, September 2, 2012
2PM The Color Wheel (rock)
3PM John Bardy (folk blues)
4PM Danny and the Darleans (r&b/blues)
5PM Mike Hurtt & the Haunted Hearts (rock-a-billy)
6PM Detroit Pleasure Society (Dixieland jazz)
7PM Polish Muslims
8PM Polish Muslims
9PM Polish Muslims (polka rock)

Monday, September 3, 2012
3PM Misty Blues Orchestra (jazz/polka)
4PM Misty Blues Orchestra (jazz/polka)
5PM The Music and Visuals of Ziam (fashion and dance)
6PM Outrageous Cherry (pop rock)
7PM Deastro (electronic pop)
8PM Invincible (hip hop)
9PM Dennis Coffey (funk)

--- ---- --- -- -- --

Fri Aug 31 - EQMC presents Deep Heat (garage punk from Melbourne) at 436 S Division ST Ann Arbor - 7 pm early show for real!

Fri Aug 31 - "The Animal" DJ night  w Dj Danny Glover's Kid & DJ Interstellar Overdrive + performance by Raid on Harper's Ferry (new band from Sam Haddix & Rafe)  8-12 at Cafe Ollie 42 E Cross YPSI

Fri Aug 31 - Panic in Hamtramck #9 w/ KOMMIE KILPATRICK + MAC BLACKOUT
BAND(Chi.) + WHORES OF BABYLON(Battlecreek) + K-9 SNIFFIES at Painted
Lady Hamtramck

*SAT.SEP.1st-  Panic in Hamtramck #9 w/ TYVEK+G.G. KING (At.Ga.) +
PINK REASON (OH./Nyc)+ LZR at Painted Lady Hamtramck

Sat Sept 1 - Magic City Soul Club w/ DJs Brad Hales and Breck at
Detroit Contemporary (CAID) 5141 Rosa Parks Detroit

Sun Sept 2 - Rooftop Vigilantes (members of mouthbreahers/kansas rock
and roll), Manateees (Goner), Fake Surfers at Lager House Detroit

Tues Sept 4 - Toxie (Memphis, members of Coasting & Magic Kids) + Swimsuit at Lo & Behold 10022 Joseph Campau Hamtramck

Thurs Sept 6 - Blues Control + Shells + tba. at Work Gallery 525 S State St Ann Arbor. Presented by WCBN + EQMC

Mon Sept 10 - SALVATION (hardcore on youth attack) DEAD CHURCH (death-grinding violence. 666.)  SCUM (war is a blackhole to avoid)  SSS (fast and raw)  at the halway house  13367 loretto
detroit  6 bucks  8pm

Mon Sept 10 - Love of Everything (Chicago), Raw Honey, Our Brother the Native, Charles Trees at Lab Cafe 505 E Liberty St Ann Arbor  8 pm

Mon Sept 17 - HYSTERICS (Olympia hxc) + SWIMSUIT at TBA in ANN ARBOR

Wed Sept 26 - COUSINS (halifax) + tba in Ann Arbor

NEWS section...

Our friends in Grand Rapids have started their own Do-It-Together community calendar in GR, their website is

The new UFO Factory is in the works and they're trying to get the Hatch Detroit grant. UFO was an amazing place and I'm sure the new incarnation will be even moreso! If you use social media like facebook please like their page, apparently social media is a big component of getting the grant.

MICHIGAN HAPPENINGS = community resource for cool shows & other events in southeast Michigan (mostly Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit, and surrounding areas). We love all ages shows the most but we list non all ages shows too. If you have something to add please email Shelley at sabsalant at gmail. Or leave a comment here.

We also make a hard copy flyer calendar every month, and we're always looking for help printing & distributing those. Please get in touch if you want to help!

Also we are always looking for more places to do shows, especially in Ann Arbor where there seems to be a dry spell. If you want to start hosting some shows get in touch!

Monday, July 2, 2012

JULY 2012 - update 7/24

SOME SHOWS IN JULY 2012 IN SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN (work in progress, to contribute leave a comment or email sabsalant at gmail)


wed july 4- Detroit Party Marching Band, Cavegirls, Downtown Boys at the Trumbullplex 7-11pm $6 donation 4210 Trumbull

Thurs July 5 - Charlie Slick at Ann Arbor Summer Festival, 8 pm Free outdoor etc

Fri. July 6th = FELL TO LOW + NIGHTMARE BOYZZZ + GROWWING PAINS at LO & BEHOLD! Rekkids & Books 10022 Joseph Campau Hamtramck

Friday July 6 - Mouth of the Architect, The Summer Pledge, Ganon, Telecollision at Trumbullplex 7pm $6 4210 Trumbull

Fri July 6 - Mosquitofest 2012 - 2 days of Amazing music, camping, food and celebration!!!! at The Hogan - 19555 Waterloo rd, Chelsea, Mich, 48118
Day 1 lineup, starting round 8 pm:
1. Jen Koppin (Marquette)
2. Turn to crime (Detroit)
3. .Johnny ill band (Detroit)
4. Solpadeine (Chicago)
5. Sombionx & Lindsay (Chicago)

Sat July 7 - Mosquitofest 2012 - 2 days of Amazing music, camping, food and celebration!!!! at The Hogan - 19555 Waterloo rd, Chelsea, Mich, 48118
Day 2 lineup:
Starting around 5pm
1. Jen Koppin (marquette)
2. Ringo (of Kill County)
3. Chobie Shedwell (Chelsea)
4. Los Drogas (Ypsi)
5. Mavis Hawk (Detroit)
6. The Webbs (Detroit)
7. Sugarcoats (Detroit)
8. Timmys Organism (Detroit)
Platetectonics (Chicago)

Sat July 7 - CITY CENTER + ADAM PIERCE at LO & BEHOLD! Records & Books 10022 Jos. Campau, Hamtramck, Michigan 48212 at 7 PM

Sat July 7 - Nautical Almanac, Shades, Satan's 1%ers at MUG 5984 Lincoln Detroit

Sat July 7 - The Mentally Ill / Liquor Store / Nightmare Boyzzz $7 at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Sat July 7 - Corktown Cinema Presents a Creature Double Feature of Ishiro Honda's Mothra and Jack Woods's Equinox. 9:30 pm at 2051 rosa parks, Detroit, Michigan 48216

Sun July 8 - D. Watusi / Paperhead / Bad Indians $6  at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Sun July 8 - Christmas in July! backyard bbq @ 605 N Congress, Ypsi feat. Ferdy Mayne, Las Drogas, Fernando Solis, Jon from the Moon & tons more! 3pm to 9pm $5

Monday July 9th - Speaker for the Dead, Right for the Night, Pancho Villas Skull, Stretched Across The Tracks at Trumbullplex 7-11pm $6 donation 4210 Trumbull

Tues July 10 - Birth Refusal/Josh Burkett/Exhumed Corpse/Ralph White/Oak Openings at Pleasuredome 607 N River Ypsi

Wed July 11 - WCBN presents DOWNTOWN 81 free screening at Arbor Brewing Company Ann arbor 9 pm

Wed July 11th - Joey Molinaro, Thomas Bell, Sagan Youth, Valarie Kuehne at Trumbullplex 7-11pm $6 donation 4210 Trumbull

Thurs July 12 & Fri July 13 -     THE BELLS - a new dance - @ 7pm & 8pm (two performances each night) choreographed by  Biba Bell at the Jam Handy Building
2900 East Grand Blvd, Detroit

Friday, July 13th - Aran Ruth, Alternating Currents (Kzoo), Mother Whale @ Mexicantown Fiesta Center El Club, 4114 W Vernor Hwy  Detroit $5

Fri July 13 - The Coathangers / Heavy Cream / Hevy Times / Habibi $8 at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Friday July 13th - Cetascean at the Trumbullplex 7pm $6 donation 4210 Trumbull

Fri July 13 - BAD INDIANS / K9 SNIFFIES RECORD RELEASE ZONE PLUS HOT BOSS, CHIT CHAT, TAN HOUSE  at Eugene V Debs House 909 E University Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Sat July 14  - Indian Givers - Ben Hall & Jason Murphy at WAKE

15580 WAKENDEN, Redford, Michigan 48239  7 pm

Sat July 14 - Natural Child / Gardens / Kommie Kilpatrick / Body Holographic $8 at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Saturday, July 14th - Devil Elvis Show, Subourbon Son, the Canastas, Sex Police, Fancy Lads @ Woodruffs, Ypsi

Sat July 14 - Michigan Grindfest w/ Sick/Tired (Dekalb, IL), Nak'ay (FT. Wayne, IN), Winters In Osaka (Chicago, IL), Chronic Demise (Dayton, OH), Exogorth (Seattle, WA)
Totes Brute (Seattle, WA), Cokskar (Minneapolis, MN), Lt. Dan, Faction Disaster, THC
Dental Work, RedSK, Bruxism, Muroidea, Dead Church at Halfway House 13367 Loretto St., Detroit, MI . Starting at 5 pm sharp! $7 all ages

Sat July 14 - Red White & Bang at The Bang at the Blind Pig Ann Arbor

Sun July 15 - Frustrations, Staring Problem (Chicago), darkred, Something Cold DJs at  Nancy Whiskey 5644 Harrison Detroit

Mon. July 16th = HOME BODY (Northampton, MA) + Uncanny Valley (Olympia WA feat Joey Casio) w/Dj LADY FANTASTIC at LO & BEHOLD! Records & Books

Monday July 16th - Spoonboy, Blair Ellis, ONSIND, Guantanamo Baywatch, The Sugarcoats at the Trumbullplex 7-11pm $6 donation 4210 Trumbull

Tues July 17 - Milk Music / Feelings / Drug Wars $7  at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Wed July 18 - Guardian Alien (NYC), Hurricanes of Love (NYC), The Intended (members of Tyvek, etc) at El Club, 4114 W Vernor Hwy Detroit Mi

Wed July 18 - Sons of an Illustrious Father at Trumbullplex 7-11pm $6 donation 4210 Trumbull

Thurs July 19 - The Urgency of Now: A Conversation with Grace Lee Boggs and Ron Scott. Moderated by Dr. Stephen Ward, Associate Professor of History at the University of Michigan, this symposium features a discussion on the call for a radical revolution in values and the next American revolution. This exclusive speaking engagement takes place on Thursday, July 19 from 6 – 8 p.m. and includes complementary admission, parking and light refreshments for all attendees.  
At The University of Michigan Detroit Center, located on the first floor of Orchestra Place, 3663 Woodward Avenue (next to Orchestra Hall).  For more information and to RSVP, contact or call 313-593-3584.

Thurs July 19 - Hi Speed Dubbing (Record Release) / Carjack / Devilfish $5 at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Thurs July 19 - Nate Young, BEING (Luke Tandy, Dayton OH – Skeleton Dust Recordings, Orgasmic Response Unit),  DIAPHRAGMATIC (Nate Tandy, Dayton OH – Foxhole Atheism Tapes, Orgasmic Response Unit), A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN (Matt Mayer, Burlington VT – NNA Tapes, Einfgall), James Baljo at MUG 5984 Lincoln St Detroit MI

Fri July 20 - Liars, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Deastro at Magic Stick Detroit

Fri July 20 - Absolute Beginners All Pop No Rules Dance Party Returns to Woodruff's YPSI Free 10 pm

Sat July 21 - Shadow Art Fair at Corner Brewery in Ypsi, lots of art plus music:
2:00 Oak Openings
2:15 Katie Battisoni
2:45 Wavvy Hands
3:30 Green Lights
4:15 Charles Slick
5:15 Hiss
6:00 Drunken Barn Dance
6:45 The Rainbow Vomit Family Band
7:30 Saturday Looks Good To Me
8:15 Minus 9

Sat July 21 - Learn How to Screenprint Workshop at Northend Studios 5101 Loraine St Detroit, 4 - 6 pm

Sat July 21 - Post SAF party w/ Chit Chat, Growwing Pains and screening of  "The Girl Can't Help It" at Playboy Mansion 605 N Congress Ypsi

Sat July 21 - INFINITY PEOPLE (ufo,heavy-freak-rock-freak-out set, etc), DEAD MACHINES, GARDENS - Infinity People Record Release Loud Version at PARK BAR 2040 Park Ave Detroit, doors 9PM - FREE

Sun July 22 - INFINITY PEOPLE (ufo, astral-soul-folk-acoustic set,etc), the HELLO RECORDS DJ'S (wade,anibal,glen) plus SHELLS at EL CLUB LOUNGE 4114 W Vernor Hwy Detroit
doors 5PM - FREE - Infinity People Record Release Quiet Version

Sun July 22 - Miami Dolphins (MN), Hot Boss, Sex Police at 504 N Division ST Ypsi

Mon July 23 - Terrible Twos, Foreign Mothers (Austin), the Dead Space (Austin) at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Wed July 25 - Gold Tusk: Sculptural Works of Ash Nowak at Motor City Brewing Works 470 W Canfield Detroit 7-11 pm

Thurs July 26 - Tim Flood & Andrew Bishop (experimental, psychedelic jazz) at Encore Records, 417 E Liberty St Ann Arbor MI 48104  8 pm  FREE all ages event

Thurs July 26 -  Isles of E.S.P. / Twine Time / Foster Care / Uh-Oh / Pampers at Jumbo's 3736 3rd St Detroit

Thurs July 26 - Yip-Yip / Touch People / DJ sets by Adult. & Something Cold at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Thurs July 26 - sexual predator, ritual howls & dead mellotron (baltimore) at CAVE Gallery in Russell Industrial Center, Detroit

Fri July 27 - Swimsuit at Mark's Carts outside food carts behind Downtown Home & Garden, Ann Arbor. Free outdoors at 7 pm

Sat July 28 - Lutherfest 6 at Luther House 1510 Hill St, annual music festival at the former home of the MC5/Rainbow People's Party.
tentative schedule:
3:00 TBA
3:45 TBA
4:30 Manja 

5:15 Rebel Kind (Autumn Wetli)
6:00 Alex Drosen
6:45 Moon Roots
7:30 Doctor Striker
8:15 RĊspoem
9:00 Anybody But the Cops
9:45 The Q
10:30 Chit-Chat
11:15 Bad Indians 

 12:00 Wild at Heart
12:45 Saggitronics
1:30 Anagram Norton 

Sat July 28 - Sat. 28th = RUBY FRAY (K Records) + TBA at LO & BEHOLD! Records & Books 10022 Joseph Campau Hamtramck

Sat July 28th- Dekoder, Skinless Boneless, Break Anchor, The A-Gang, Bill Bondsmen, and Wells at Trumbullplex 7pm $6 donation 4210 Trumbull

Sat July 28 - Trabajabamos & Scissor Now at Michigan Theater in Jackson

Sun July 29 - Mike Tamburo wsg Duo Unduo (Joel Peterson & Nick Schillace) - 7:30 pm at 1464 Gratiot, Detroit

Mon July 30 - Shonen Knife & White Mystery at PJ's Lager House Detroit

Mon July 30th - Speedy Ortiz, Esper at Trumbullplex 7-11 pm $6 donation 4210 Trumbull